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Points to Consider

  • Is the surrounding ground firm and level?
  • Are there any cellars or roofs needing support?
  • Is the scaffolding required for bricklaying only or for other trades too? If so will adaptations be required?
  • Which parts of the scaffolding will need boarding?
  • Will scaffolding need sheeting (eg. debris net or mona flex)?
  • Will you need to incorporate public protection (eg. tunnels)?
  • Will access for site vehicles (eg. forklifts) be required through scaffolding (eg. bridging sections)?
  • Are existing roofs capable of carrying imposed loads? If not, will back propping be required?
  • Will lighting and/or signage be required?
  • Will rubbish chutes be required?
  • How wide is the pavement and will you need a licence?
  • Will design drawings be required and calculations needed?

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